Quality is a state of mind at JETLAQUE

JETLAQUE sees Quality as more than just a requirement imposed by the market, a matter of administrative certification or a mere commercial argument: it has chosen to make it an central integral part of its day-to-day operations.

To achieve this, with the highly professional help of HPC Consulting, the company has introduced a system of dealing with problems named “JPS” for “Jetlaque Problem Solving”.

This system allows the 3 organisational levels in the company (AWGs (Autonomous Work Groups, APUs (Autonomous Production Units) and Site) to report and resolve their own incidents on a day-to-day basis, without interfering with the work of the other levels.

Consisting of a set of daily and weekly rituals, visibility and display requirements regarding the problems that arise, escalation rules and problem solving tools, JPS enables us to resolve day-to-day issues without disrupting the organisation. The aim is ultimately to guarantee our customers’ consistent production quality.


  • To guide performance day to day and to deal with the problems that arise in order of priority as a team and at the right level of management
  • To facilitate the value-added flows throughout the production process
  • To speed up decision-making by implementing organised routines at all levels, from the autonomous production team to top management, and including the support departments
  • To encourage teams to take on more responsibility and be more autonomous
  • To manage upward and downward communication in order to maintain motivation and the involvement of operational staff

Les performances au quotidien basée sur les JPS